Thursday, October 11, 2012

From the Soul of My Shoe

From the Soul of My Shoe is a weekly writing in the NewRo Runners' newsletter. These are thoughtful and spirited musings usually with a message. NewRo's slogan is "Changing the shape of the community - One mile at a time." I have met many of this local club's members of which I am one, and I was impressed immediately. Not because of their passion for running, that's easy. It's their passion for people that makes me want to be around them. "Just Ask Nash" is the title of this week's narration written by Seven Stein. It captures the essence of so much I love about running including community, friendship, support and personal achievement. It also shows yet again that we are all capable of so much more than we ever thought possible. We just need to show up, and give it all we got!

"The crowd at the finishing line had vanished, and the organizers had begun the post-race awards presentation. Vendors were packing away their goodies and their tents. The time on the race clock kept on digitally ticking by. It read 2:40:52. Normally there would be a crowd of NewRo Runners huddled together at the awards ceremony ready to celebrate the victories of the day. Ready to cheer as our very own 2011 defending champion took 3rd place overall, and eagerly waiting to hear who placed in the top 3 of their respective age group.

But not on this day. The remaining dozen or so NewRo Runners, were waiting at the finishing line, waiting to cheer on and bring home the last NewRo Runner on the course. Today, coming together as a team and collectively celebrating the accomplishment of completing a first half marathon took priority over cheering on our award winners. We cannot take away the glory, the hard work and the talent of all the NewRo Runners who took home an award, and we celebrate with them in the "Running Feets" write-up below. But today, it was all about celebrating the core, the heart and soul, the camaraderie of NewRo Runners, as well as the sheers guts and determination of one runner - Nash Warfield.

Nash (left) NewRo family (right)
The clock was now ticking past 2:45, and our Motivator in Chief Mark Medin took off down the Bronx River Parkway in search of Nash to run him home. 5 minutes later, Mark was back, but without Nash. Where is he? Did he get picked up by a car? "No"; said his fiancé and mother eagerly and nervously waiting for him at the finish line. Then we saw him. Actually we saw his pink socks first. Not sure if his color choice of the day was for breast-cancer awareness month or if it was his colorful choice of the day. Next thing you know, 10 NewRo Runners run down the Parkway to meet Nash to run him home for the last 250 yards. The NewRo Banner was hoisted, the cameras came out and clicked away, and the remaining NewRo crowd on the side of the road cheered him in as he crossed the finishing line at 2:57 into the loving arms of his fiancé and mother. The announcer, who was still dishing out awards, heard the NewRo Runners cheers and shouts, and stopped mid sentence and congratulated the runner who just crossed the finish line for his sheer determination.
Sprint to the finish

Oh yes, you deserve it

Today was one of my proudest days as a NewRo Runner and as co-founder of the club. There were many accomplishments to celebrate on the road this day - approximately 40 NewRo Runners turning out, and many award winners and PB's. But I was most proud of what I witnessed unfold before my eyes. Today I got a glimpse of the heart and soul of what many of us call our running family. We stuck together and made sure every single accomplishment was celebrated as a group. Some runners waited close to 1.5 hours to ensure Nash crossed the line; just as we all celebrated the other 39 crossing the line. We celebrated a fairly new runner, one who joined us over the summer, one who had never run beyond 5 miles before joining NewRo Runners. He set his goal over the summer to run the Westchester half marathon - his first half ever. Some of us have run with Nash at the BOTP (back of the pack), but all of us have encouraged him, given him confidence, and advice, and supported him every week he showed up. If this is not encouragement enough for those who have read our weekly newsletter and asked themselves, "should I come out and run this weekend?" "Will I be able to run with them?" "Will they support me?" - Just ask Nash.

Today, NewRo Runners showed its heart and its soul, and I am proud to say, it is big, and it is healthy and it is a beautiful thing."

Congrats to Nash and all the NewRo runners! You make a difference.

Peace and Have A Great Day.


  1. Never forget your running posse. They always remind you why you run. Great post Eric.

  2. it is quite a logo. But I think that one mile at the time is even better.


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