Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 - Success, Pride, Tragedy and Hope!

I could not possibly cover all the events and people that have impacted my life this year. There is no question the year was incredible from a running standpoint for me. The most memorable of these moments would have to be the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim adventure with my friend Matt, and of course the Badwater Ultramarathon which I completed in July while raising more than $45,000 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Here are all the links for the numerous posts I wrote about each.

Badwater: Training, Letter From My Son, Thanks, Video, Sats, The Journey

The Grand Canyon, Rim2Rim2Rim

More importantly however, were the accomplishments of those closest to me, my wife and children. I love running and all the benefits it brings to my life. In fact as I have said many times, running has changed my entire family's life in immeasurable ways. But what I enjoy most is standing on the sidelines watching the ones I love accomplish their goals and make their dreams come true. Here are some of the highlights from 2012.

Jared is our 13 year old son and we have watched as he has grown into a caring, intelligent and committed young man. In March he became a Bar-Mitzvah, which in the Jewish religion is the time when young men ceremoniously and hopefully realistically become accountable, being morally and ethically responsible for their own decisions and actions. Don't worry, he won't be leaving home anytime soon but this was a very special day.

Nothing like a good Hora!
Kyle is our 11 year old son and he too is an amazing boy. As if I would say anything else about this sweet, bright and strong child of ours. This past May, Kyle decided he wanted to run his first 10k. Not just any 10k, but TNF Endurance Challenge at Bear Mountain which is hands down one of the most demanding and technical trail race series you can run. The full story is posted here in a narrative about my inspirational boys. Below is one of my favorite pictures of Kyle with Tani by his side, giving it all in the home stretch with bloody knees and a 2nd place age group finish.
Even the dudes in the background are amazed!
My sweet sweet little girl Isla. Nearly three now, I have been pushing and carrying her across finish lines since she was born. This year she ran across her very first finish line by my side at the MMRF Race For Research. And if that wasn't enough, she started pre-school in the Fall and went potty all by herself. Wooohooo!
"Not only do I make on the potty, I am really freaking cute"
And you know I always have something to say about my amazing wife Tani. Over the years I have watched her gain confidence through yoga, boot camp and being a Mom. She has also methodically been ramping up her running, a sport she never felt comfortable with and in fact a number of years ago said she could never do because of bad knees from soccer. Well, once again proof that you should never give up on something if you have a dream. This year Tani completed her first half marathon at The North Face Endurance Challenge in DC. I know she was not thrilled with her time on a very muddy single track course. In my eyes, she won the whole damn thing as she picked up our daughter and sloshed her way to the finish line. You totally rock babe and I always knew you could do it.
That's right!!!

There are a few other events from the year that stand out and I know we will never forget. Many if not all of us were impacted/affected in one way or another by Super Storm Sandy and the murders in Newtown, CT. Despite the devastation and loss of life what I have seen in the aftermath has been nothing short of inspirational. I know it's not perfect, but I am truly moved as our communities have come together in the ultimate sign of strength to support each other and find ways to recover. It gives me hope and makes me want to do something to make our communities better! I think Ann Curry of NBC got it right. In support of the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ann proposed performing 26 acts of kindness. Think about the impact if we all do that. 26 acts which will benefit someone else without regard to what that can do for you. Our family is in and will commit to this during 2013!

We were so very fortunate to have Anita in our lives until her passing on May 30, 2012 after a long battle with Multiple Myeloma. Those who follow this blog know how amazing and strong she was. She always had a smile on her face and never had a bad word to say about anything or anyone. Anita was positive energy at its best and is of course one of the primary inspirations behind Just A Mile To Go. She enjoyed every day and believed that all days, even the tough ones, were great.

In that spirit, my family and I wish everyone years and years of Great Days.

Peace, Love and Happiness,
Tani, Eric, Jared, Kyle and Isla


  1. Nice recap Eric. You are an inspiration to many...keep up the good work. Congrats on a very successful 2012 in running and fundraising. Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks as always for your support Will. Look forward to sharing some adventures and perhaps getting together for a run in 2013. Happy New Year to you as well. Peace E


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