Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get Ready....The Challenge - Tani vs Eric II

Some may recall, some may not and others might not give a shit. This past January Tani and I competed in our own little biggest loser competition, The Challenge: Tani vs Eric. Although a natural result of The Challenge, the intent wasn't to lose weight. The purpose was to cleanse, recoup and get back on track after a fun filled holiday season that lasted nearly 2 months. Basically, after a lapse in exercise diligence fueled by our pursuit of drinking endurance and eating indulgence it was time to have a different kind of fun. So we decided to use a loosely based diet program and our own exercise plans while engaging in a little friendly competition. Tani kicked my ass by the way and you can see the results of season 1 here!

With just a couple of weeks until 2013 we have decided to do it again. Beginning on January 2 we will once again step into the ring and do battle. Nothing better than a public display of Husband vs Wife in a winner take all competition. If, or rather when I win, I will be dubbed King of the World for 1 year. Tani is still thinking about what she wants to play for so please send suggestions (although it doesn't matter because this year belongs me). By the way right now Tani is rolling her eyes and calling me a dork.

The Competition
Our diet will again be based in part on the Diet Solutions Program. This is not a binge diet, although we kind of use it that way, but it is a way of life, promoting moderation, control, organic health and fitness (key components no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy and no wheat). We will also get back into our various work out routines.

There are none. Each combatant can make up his or her own as they go but we do encourage each other along the way to "stick to the plan".

We will post what we eat and drink as well as our workouts each day. We will also describe how we are feeling (energized, tired, cranky, etc). When the competition begins we will take our vitals so to speak (weight, percentage body fat, inches from several places). At the end of each week we will again take our measurements and post the results for comparison. At the end of the month we will tally the final results and declare a winner (me:)

On a side note, and to be fair. I hate being fair. Tani has manged to maintain through the entire year and as of now is at exactly the same weight she was at the end of the first competition. I on the other hand have taken full advantage of my time off and anticipate ballooning to and beyond my weight from last year. That is, my weight before the competition:) Is that an unfair advantage in a competition with no rules? I think not.

Looking forward to sharing our experience with everyone again.

Peace and Have A Great Day!


  1. Eric:

    maintaining weight during down time for runners is overrated! Keep knocking back the beer and wine and set the bar higher for 2013!! What better motivation is there?

    1. Only one thing to say Will.....CHEERS!!!


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