Saturday, December 1, 2012

Recharging My Batteries Sucks!

I have been thinking way too hard lately about what to write and have struggled to come up with anything I find relevant or entertaining. No races, big runs or great fundraising to talk about either. I have however been busy planning, plotting and purchasing for next year.  Once again I have decided to take the last 7 or 8 weeks of the year off. Not from being active, but training. As much as I despise this I feel it is necessary to recharge my brain and body for another great year.

If I feel like running, well then I run.

If I feel like eating, I heat up a brownie and put some vanilla ice cream on top of it.

If I feel like sleeping in, I hit snooze over and over again.

If I feel like swimming, I wear my Speedo (my wife loves when I wear my Speedo).

If I feel like drinking, I get drunk (my wife loves this too).

Point is, this is the time of year when I live my life with little regard for the specific challenges that lay ahead. Basically a free for all. If my brain says it, I do it without the usual self motivating pressure that keeps me pushing towards that next goal. It seems like it should be relaxing right? Enjoy the holiday season with not a care in the world. Just let it all happen and whatever will be will be. Should be easy! Well shit, if that's the case why am I so anxious, tense, frustrated and uneasy. I know I need this but I fucking hate it.

OK now that I got that off my chest I am going to go get a beer because I feel I like it:)

Tomorrow I am going to run, because I feel like that too.

Peace and Have A Great Day!


  1. love this and I totally agree!!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michelle.

  2. Eric:

    Nice! A couldn't agree more. Problem starts in Jan when I have to lose everything I added in girth over the holidays. Keep it real!

    1. Ah yes will. I will have more to say about the annual gain in the next few weeks. Hope you are well. E PS good luck in the lottery next weekend.


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