Sunday, February 10, 2013

Marshall Ulrich - It's Not About Being a Badass!

Me and Marshall
Prior to running the Catskill 155 back in 2011, I reached out by email to Marshall Ulrich for some advice. He replied within 24 hours. I had the chance to thank him personally last year as I spent some time running with him for a couple of miles during the early stages of Badwater.

I recently saw a video/interview that AARP posted about him. His adventures, durability and determination are obviously incredible. From Leadville to Badwater and Running Across America to the Seven Summits, Marshall is truly an inspiration. What I am most impressed by and in tune with however, are his thoughts on why he does it and what it's really all about.  Keep doing it for all the right reasons Marsh. Enjoy the video at this link!


  1. great post eric. that guy Ulrich is the real deal...old school ultra runner...the kind the sport needs to pay more attention to. Keep it real!


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