Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's Better To Give

Strong at mile 10!
She did it!!! Tani kicked some ass today at the NYC Half. Her third run at that distance, her first road half and her fastest by far. After all the hard work and anxiousness about achieving her goal of 2hrs 11 min, Tani nailed it with a 2:08. I continue to maintain my amazement at her accomplishments as a full time Mom, Partner and Athlete.

Pre-race huggin
As someone who is usually on the other side of the ropes, supported and cheered on by others, especially Tani, today was beyond words. I was nervous and excited.  I was of course hopeful that my wife would accomplish what she set out to do. However, I was more focused on not letting her down. I wanted to be sure I was at each place I said I would be and remind her how proud I am of her and that she was looking strong. The thought of not being there if she was struggling ate me up. I wanted to be at her side reminding her she could do it. I don't think she needed me because Tani was strong the whole way, but it felt damn good to be there for her.

If there is ever a running tip I can give, its go out and support your friends and family when they are pushing themselves and achieving new goals. I know you will never forget it, and I'll bet they wont either. Peace


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