Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston 2013

This was quite a week for the running community and even more so our country. Once again we were attacked by a couple of cowards, who decided to target innocent, defenseless people. Much of the attention has focused on the two murderers these past few days and I am sure there is more to come with dick head number 2 being alive and in custody. While I am hopeful the authorities are successful in extracting any valuable information they can, I choose now to focus my energy on what is most important.

First, let us remember the four people who were murdered, Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu and Sean Collier.  I will never forget their faces. There will be much healing to do, for the countless innocent victims whose lives have been changed forever, physically and emotionally. Lives and limbs have been lost, dreams shattered and hearts broken. My family's thoughts and positive energy goes out to all those people whose lives have been scarred by this attack.

Despite all the tragedy and sadness surrounding this past week, as is
often the case there are many positive after effects. I for one could not be more proud to be an American right now and it is clear there are so many others feeling the same way. There were so many heroes who ran towards the explosions to help out their fellow man. Simply amazing to see how in times of danger so many act without thought of risk to themselves or what's in it for them. They just want to help others in need. Our amazing men and women in law enforcement once again acted swiftly, efficiently and safely and you got the mother fuckers who did this. THANK YOU!

Going forward let us be vigilant. As the saying goes here in NYC, if
you see something, say something. We owe it to each other to look out for one another. This is our country and we must defend it and our way of life.

I ran my first marathon just 2 months after 9/11 in NYC. I plan on being in Boston in 2014.

Peace! (I hope some day we have it)


  1. The community of runners became more united after what happened. Let's keep running for them and keep praying for those people who are still in the hospital, lost a loved one and everyone whose lives are changed.

    1. Well said Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Peace E

  2. great post Eric. I had some friends running boston and thankfully none of them were hurt. I still can't believe these cowards would go to this extent. all I can think is they were mentally deranged. keep the peace.


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