Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Find Your Inspiration

Living with Multiple Myeloma since 2008 Pam inspires me with grace and courage!

Albert Einstein said “Life is like riding a bike. To maintain your balance you must keep moving.” This was brought to my attention by the young man who spoke at my sonʼs 8th grade graduation a few weeks ago. Yes, thatʼs right a 14 year old boy about to move forward into high school got me thinking. What exactly is it that keeps us in balance? Is it simply moving forward with our training wheels slightly above the ground? To truly experience the ride, sometimes you need to take off those training wheels and go flying down a hill even at the risk of a few bumps and bruises.

So what motivates us? For some, basic personal drive provides enough incentive to take chances. The simple will to succeed or experience something new is ample fuel to actually risk failure? For most of us however, I think we need a little something else, “Inspiration”. So where does inspiration come from? Where do you find yours?

  • Watching your children fearlessly glide from one year to the next? 
  • Holding the hand of your partner as she gives birth to your child? 
  • Watching someone dear to you fight an invisible killer to stay alive? 
  • Witnessing a man or woman accomplish physical feats you canʼt imagine?

Whatever it is, when it happens I believe in taking that fire, lit by another and running with it. I have been inspired by my children, my wife, friends and strangers. The thing is, I never know where itʼs going to come from. So I canʼt actually say I find inspiration, it finds me. When it does, I feel this insatiable appetite to take a chance. The need to get out there and do something that scares the hell out of me, knowing I could get hurt or even worse, FAIL.

Donʼt let fear of failure hold you back. Being balanced does not mean never falling down. Use the incredible actions of those around you to become the inspiration others will feed off of. 

Get inspired and pass it on. 

Peace E
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